Expert Soft Landscaping for Your Dream Garden in Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Expert gardening is required to ensure that the garden of your dreams survives the year. At Easy Gardens, we understand that your garden will have to bear the brunt of inclement weather, as well as both scorching and freezing temperatures. Based in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, our soft landscaping experts safeguard your garden against the elements with a broad selection of professional services.

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Laying Stunning Turf

Our services are popular, in part because a lot of new builds are handed over to their new owners surrounded by nothing but bare mud. Easy Gardens supplies new turf for your garden, not only to make it look neat and tidy but to suit it perfectly to your purposes. We have hard-wearing turf, which is ideal for gardens where children play, or turf with meadow flowers in it, for a more rustic feel. Boasting a vast portfolio that ranges from gardens to bowling greens, we consider your needs first and foremost.

Planting Trees and Shrubs

When planting trees and shrubs, it is important to fully understand horticulture. Through years of experience, our team is able to predict exactly how your garden will look in the next 12 months, all the way up to 4 years. Everything that we plant is backed by a guarantee and replaced it if it doesn't flourish. Additionally, we can guarantee that you’ll never face a bill for subsidence because of a tree being planted too close to the house, saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Easy Gardens - Landscaped garden

Raising Flowerbeds

Raised beds are an effective solution for gardening enthusiasts who are older or have limited mobility. By raising the beds up with walls or timber sleepers, we enable people who cannot bend down to enjoy maintaining their garden as well.

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